Team 02:Microbiology of Water and the Environment

Team 02: Microbiology of Water and the Environment

Team leader: Pr. BENOUARETH Djamel Eddine (Specialty: Molecular Biology), University 8 May 1945 Guelma.


Description of the research theme of the team:

The research work of the team is organized into two main axes:

• The first on the quality of drinking and wastewater, it is the research of by-products of water chloratium and the evaluation of genotoxic and / or mutagenic activities, through the implementation of a battery of physicochemical tests, Bacteriological and genotoxic, this last test is carried out on bacterial cells and on eukaryotic cells. This research also concerns wastewater to assess the degree of treatment of these waters.

• The second axis concerns works on milk, It is the research, identification and isolation of bacteriocin-producing strains and the activity of bacteriocin on mainly pathogenic bacteria. Also, look for antibiotic residues in cow's milk and characterize these antibiotics.

All these studies are carried out to respond to the team objectives, that is to assess the quality of water and milk and to measure the impact of these qualities on human health.

Key words: Water, Residues, Antibiotics, Genotoxicity, Mutagenesis, Milk, Bacteriocin.