Publications 2019

a) Publications Internationales :

1. A. BOUSBIA, S. BOUDALIA, Y. GUEROUI, R. GHEBACHE, M. AMROUCHI, B. BELASE, S. MEGUELATI, B. BELKHEIR, M. BENIDIR and M. L. CHELAGHMIA (2019). Heavy metals concentrations in raw cow milk produced in the different livestock farming types in Guelma province (Algeria): Contamination and risk assessment of consumption. The Journal of Animal & Plant Sciences, Volume: 29, issue: 2, Pages: 386-395. ISSN: 1018-7081.
2. CHOUBAILA Leksir, Sofiane BOUDALIA, Nizar MOUJAHED and Mabrouk CHEMMAM (2019). Traditional dairy products in Algeria: Case of Klila cheese. Journal of Ethnic Foods, Volume: 6, issue: 7, pages: 1-14. ISSN : 2352-6181.
3. Mohamed  GUETTAF, Mounira RACHEDI, Yassine GUEROUI, Aissam BOUSBIA, Mohamed Amine CHELAGHMIA and Ammar MAOUI (2019). Age and growth of common bream, Abramis brama (L.), caught at Hammam Debagh Reservoir (Guelma, northeast Algeria). Fisheries & Aquatic Life. Volume 27: Issue 3, 149–158. ISSN: 2545-0255/ E-ISSN: 2545-059X.
4. TADJINE Dahmane, BOUDALIA Sofiane, BOUSBIA Aissa, KHELIFA Rassim, MEBIROUK BOUDECHICHE Lamia, TADJINE Aicha et CHEMMAM Mabrouk (2019). Pasteurization effects on yield and physicochemical parameters of cheese in cow and goat milk. Food science and technology, Pages: 1-8. ISSN: 0101-2061/ E-ISSN: 1678-457X. 
5. Mouslim BARA and Luciano N. SEGURA (2019). Effect of Air Temperature and Water Depth on Bird Abundance: A Case Study of Rallidae and Anatidae in the Northeastern Algerian Garaet Hadj Tahar. Pakistan Journal of Zoology, volume: 51, issue: 01, pages: 211-217. ISSN: 0030-9923.
6. Adel BEZZALLA, Moussa HOUHAMDI, Mohamed Cherif MAAZI and Haroun CHENCHOUNI (2019). Modelling climate influences on population dynamics and diurnal time budget of the Shelduck (Tadorna tadorna) wintering in Ramsar wetlands of Algeria. Avian Biology Research, volume: 01, issue: 19. ISBN: 1758-1559.
7. Hichem AMARI, Rabah ZEBSA, Amel LAZLI, Soufyane BENSOUILAH, Mohamed Khalil MELLAL, Hayat MAHDJOUB, Moussa HOUHAMDI and Rassim KHELIFA (2018). Differential elevational cline in the phenology and demography of two temporally isolated populations of a damselfly: Not two but one taxon?. Ecological Entomology, volume: 44, issue: 01, pages: 93-104. ISSN: 0307-6946.
8. BEZZALLA Adel, HOUHAMDI Moussa & CHENCHOUNI Haroun (2019). Vegetation Analysis of Chott Tinsilt and Sebkhet Ezzemoul (Two Ramsar Sites in Algeria) in Relation to Soil Proprieties. Exploring the Nexus of Geoecology, Geography, Geoarcheology and Geotourism: Advances and Applications for Sustainable Development in Environmental Sciences and Agroforestry Research, 39–42.
9. Imane RAZKALLAH, Sadek ATOUSSI, Salah TELAILIA, ABDELGHANI Merzoug, Zihad BOUSLAMA and Moussa HOUHAMDI (2019). Illegal wild birds’ trade in a street market in the region of Guelma, north-east of Algeria. Avian Biology Research, pages: 1-7, ISSN: 1758-1559.
10. RAMDANI Kamel, KOUIDRI Mohamed,  OUAKID Mohamed Laid et HOUHAMDI Moussa (2019). Breeding biology of the chaffinch Fringilla coelebs africana in the El Kala National Park (North East Algeria). Arxius de Miscel·lània Zoològica, Volume: 17, pages: 109-121. ISSN : 1698-0476.
11. HAMLI Alouia, REGGAM Asma, MAAZI Mohamed-Cherif and HOUHAMDI Moussa (2019). Physicochemical quality of water of the urban pond of Tamlouka (north-east of Algeria). Pollution Research, Volume : 38, issue : 03, Pages : 14-21. ISSN 0257–8050.
12. Adel BEZZALLA, Moussa HOUHAMDI et Haroun CHENCHOUNI (2019). Bird ecological status of two internationally important wetlands‘Ramsar sites and IBA’ in Algeria. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, volume: 227, pages: 106-308.
13. Yassine NOUIDJEM, Fateh MIMECHE, Ettayib BENSACI, Sakina MEROUANI, Abdelkrim ARAR, Menouar SAHEB (2019). Check list of waterbirds at Wadi Djedi in Ziban Oasis–Algeria. Arxius de Miscel·lània Zoològica, Volume: 17, pages: 34–43. ISSN : 1698-0476.
14. Soumia DJAMAI, Fateh MIMECHE, Ettayib BENSACI, Francisco J OLIVA-PATERNA (2019). Diversity of macro-invertebrates in Lake Tonga (northeast Algeria). Biharean Biologist, Volume: 13, issue: 1, pages: 8-11. ISSN: 1843-5637, E-ISSN : 2065-1155.
15. Sana HADJADJI, Hichem AMARI, Nadia BOUIEDDA, Amina GUEBAILIA, Nedjwa BOUCENNA, Boualem MAYACHE and Moussa HOUHAMDI (2019). Emergence ecology and body size dimorphism in Sympetrum fonscolombii and S. Meridionale (odonata: libellulidae). Zoology and Ecology, volume: 29, issue: 1, pages: 08-14, ISSN: 2165-8005, E-ISSN: 2165-8013.