Team 02: Production and quality of agricultural products


Team leader:  Dr. BOUDALIA Sofiane (Specialty: Food Sciences, Food safety and toxicology , University 8 Mai 1945  Guelma).



Located in the northern-east of Algeria, the wilaya of Guelma is considered as a farming region, it has also experienced a strong establishment of food processing industries, including processing: cereal (semolina and pasta with Amor Benamor group and the Mermoura mills), dairy units (various dairy products: cheese, yoghurt with Giplait group), and industrial tomatoes (tomato concentrate and Harissa). Other agri-food units have existed for several years, such as the yeast production plant, Guelma sugar refining company and other units that reinforce the region's important potential in the agri-food sector.

Faced with this context, the "Production and quality of agricultural products" team was created to take care of agricultural potential and support for industry, which has become a necessity to ensure the development of the regional and national economy.

Keywords :

Raw milk ; reconstituted milk; physicochemical parameters; bacteriological analyzes; organoleptic criteria; repeatability and reproducibility in the manufacturing process; HACCP; Pasta ; protein intake; fat; food packaging migrants; whey; enrichment, endocrine disruptors; pesticides; sex hormones; development parameters: low doses; trans-generational effects; ADI (Admissible Daily Dose); adipose tissue ; epi-genetic mechanisms.

Objectives :

  • Contribute to designing and implementing processes for animal and plant production and processing to meet the needs of the national market.
  • Adding Value to Agricultural Products and Agrifood Byproducts.
  • Improvement the nutritional qualities of foods.

Research theme of the team :

The team is interested in the qualitative evaluation of production, as well as the processing of agricultural products (animal and vegetable) as well as the effects of food on human and animal health.


Man - Rodent - In vitro.