Articles 2023:

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Articles 2022:

1. Boualem BOUMAAZA, Abdelhamid GACEMI, M’hamed BENADA, Sofiane BOUDALIA, Ibrahim E. BENZOHRA, Hakima BELAIDI, Omar KHALADI (2022). Effectiveness of Essential Oils from Three Medicinal Plants Against Bayoud Disease (Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. albedinis) of Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) . Diyala Agricultural Sciences Journal , Volume: 14,  Numéro: 2, pages: 24-32. ISSN: 2073-9524 / E-ISSN: 2310-8746.
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Articles 2021:

1. Ali BOUDEBBOUZ, Sofiane BOUDALIA, Aissam BOUSBIA, Safia HABILA, Meriem Imen BOUSSADIA, Yassine GUEROUI (2021). Heavy metals levels in raw cow milk and health risk assessment across the globe: A systematic review. Science of the Total Environment, Volume: 751, pages: 141830. ISSN: 0048-9697.
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Articles 2020:

1. Sofiane BOUDALIA, Samia BEN SAID, Dimitrios TSIOKOS, Aissam BOUSBIA, Yassine GUEROUI, Aziza MOHAMED-BRAHMI, Samir SMETI, Maria ANASTASIADOU and George SYMEON (2020). BOVISOL Project: Breeding and Management Practices of Indigenous Bovine Breeds: Solutions Towards a Sustainable Future. Sustainability, volume: 12, issue: 23, Pages: 1-9.
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Articles 2019:

1. A. BOUSBIA, S. BOUDALIA, Y. GUEROUI, R. GHEBACHE, M. AMROUCHI, B. BELASE, S. MEGUELATI, B. BELKHEIR, M. BENIDIR and M. L. CHELAGHMIA (2019). Heavy metals concentrations in raw cow milk produced in the different livestock farming types in Guelma province (Algeria): Contamination and risk assessment of consumption. The Journal of Animal & Plant Sciences, Volume: 29, issue: 2, Pages: 386-395. ISSN: 1018-7081.
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Articles 2018:

1. Malha  OUDIRA, Henni  CHADER, Bachir  BOUZID, Kheira  BENDISARI, Batoul  LATRECHE, Sofiane  BOUDALIA, Mokrane  IGUER-OUADA (2018). Male rat exposure to low dose of di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate during pre-pubertal, pubertal and post-pubertal periods: Impact on sperm count, gonad histology and testosterone secretion. Reproductive Toxicology, Volume: 75, Pages: 33-39.
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Articles 2017:

1. Sofiane BOUDALIA, Christine BELLOIR, Marie-Louise MILLER, Marie-Chantal CANIVEC-LAVIER (2017). Early Endocrine Disruptors Exposure Acts On 3T3-L1 Differentiation And Endocrine Activity. Bioimpacts, volume: 7, issue: 2, pages: 83-89. ISSN/E-ISSN: 2228-5660/2228-5652.
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Articles 2016:

1. BOUDALIA Sofiane, BENATI Dalal, BOUKHAROUBA Radja, CHEMAKH Besma and CHEMMAM Mabrouk (2016). Physico-chemical Properties and Hygienic Quality of Raw and Reconstituted Milk in the Region of Guelma-Algeria. International Journal of Agricultural Research, Volume: 11, Issue: 02, pages: 77-83. ISSN: 1816-4897, E-ISSN:2152-2553.
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Articles 2015:

1. ABDA Ahlem, BENOUARETH Djamel Eddine, MOUNA Tabet, LIMAN Recep, KONUK Muhsin, KHALLEF Messaouda et TAHER Ali (2015). Mutagenicity and genotoxicity of drinking water in Guelma région,Algeria.Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, volume: 187, №: 02, pages: 187:21.
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Articles 2014:
1. KHALLEF Messaouda, MERABET Rym and BENOUARETH Djamel Eddine (2014). Undesirable effects of drinking water chlorination by-products. Academic journals: Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health Sciences, Volume: 6, issue: 2, pages: 26-30.
Articles 2013:
1. KHALLEF Messaoud, RECEP Liman, KONUK Muhsin, CiğerciI˙brahim Hakkı , BENOUARETH Djameleddine , TABET Mouna , ABDA Ahlem (2013). Genotoxicity of drinking water disinfection by-products (bromoform and chloroform) by using both Allium anaphase-telophase and comet tests. Cytotechnology, Volume: 67, Issue: 2, pages: 207–213. ISSN: 0920-9069/ E. ISSN : 1573-0778.
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Articles 2011:  /