Articles 2021:
1. Aldjia LOUADJ, Imane RAZKALLAH, Sadek ATOUSSI, Vincent NIJMAN, Mouslim BARA, Moussa HOUHAMDI and Zihad BOUSLAMA (2021). European Goldfinches Carduelis carduelisas pets in Algeria: numbers and social dimension of a conservation issue. Bird Conservation International. Pages: 1-9. ISSN: 0959-2709 / E-ISSN: 1474-0001.
2. Assia KHALED, Hind FENGHOUR, Mouslim BARA, Sadek ATOUSSI, Meriem ROUAIGUIA, Asma REGGAM, Ines HOUHAMDI, Mohamed-Laid OUAKID and Moussa HOUHAMDI (2021). On the breeding phenology of the common housemartin Delichon urbicum Guelma city (northeast of Algeria). Bulletin de la Société Zoologique de France, Volume : 146, issue : 03, pages : 123-127.  ISSN : 0037-962X.
3. BENSOUILAH Soufyane, LAZLI Amel, BENSAKHRI, Zinette, ZEBSA Rabah, AMARI Hichem, YOUCEFI Abdeldjalil & HOUHAMDI Moussa (2021). Variation in life history traits of the Sahara frog (Pelophylax saharicus) with elevation and predation in Northeast Algeria. Zoology and Ecology, Volume: 31, Issue: 1 pages: 8-14. ISSN: 2165-8013.
4. ATOUSSI Sadek, RAZKALAH Imane, ZEBSA Rabah, BENSAKHRI Zinette et BARA Mouslim (2021). Opportunistic citizen science data could be a faster and more efficient way to detect and monitor the spread of invasive species especially in developing countries:  The case of harlequin ladybird Harmonia axyridis in Algeria. Research Square, pages: 1-7.
5. HENNOUNI Mohamed Amine, ZEBSA Rabah, BENSAKHRI Zinette,  YOUCEFI Abdeldjalil, BARA Mouslim, ATOUSSI Sadek, DJEKOUNE Mohammed, SAHEB Menouar & Moussa HOUHAMDI (2021).  Abundance and Diurnal Time Activity Budget of the Threatened Species White Headed Ducks (Anatidae: Oxyura Leucocephala) In an Unprotected Area Boussedra Marshe, Northeast Algeria. Ekologia Bratislava, Volume: 40, numéro: 4, pages: 384-391. ISSN: 1335-342X.
Articles 2020:
1. Sadek ATOUSSI, Daniel BERGIN, Imane RAZKALLAH, Vincent NIJMAN, Mouslim BARA, Zihad BOUSLAMA, Moussa HOUHAMDI (2020). The trade in the endangered African Grey Parrot Psittacus erithacus and the Timneh Parrot Psittacus timneh in Algeria. Ostrich. Volume: 91, issue: 3, pages: 214–2202. ISSN: 0030-6525, E-ISSN: 1727-947X.
2. Yassamine BARA, Mouslim BARA, Moured BENSOUILAH, Menaouer SAHEB, Sadek ATOUSSI, Moussa HOUHAMDI (2020). Assessments of physico-chemical parameters of Garaet Hadj Tahar wetland and their effect on waterbirds settlement. Ukrainian Journal of Ecology. Volume: 10, issue: 2, pages: 33-39. ISSN: 2520-2138.
3. Khadidja MOULAY MELIANI, Ikram BENDAHMANE, Mouslim BARA, Sadek ATOUSSI, Moussa HOUHAMDI and Noureddine MOSTEFAI (2020). Abundances and breeding phenology of three sympatric grebes (little grebe Tachybaptus ruficollis, great crested grebe Podiceps cristatus and Black-necked grebe Podiceps nigricollis) in Dayet El Ferd, Algeria. Acta Zoológica Lilloana Volume: 64, issue: 2, pages: 73-83. ISSN: 0065-1729, E-ISSN: 1852-6098.
4. BOUBEKEUR Fatma-Zohra, SETBEL Samira, ATOUSSI Sadek, BARA Mouslim, BOUAGUEL Leila, HOUHAMDI Ines, KERFOUF Ahmed & HOUHAMDI Moussa (2020). Biodiversity and phenological status of the waterbirds of the Lac des Oiseaux (Northeast of Algeria). Ukrainian Journal of Ecology, Volume: 10, issue: 5, pages: 69-75. ISSN: 2520-2138.
5. Rassim KHELIFA, Rabah ZEBSA, Hayat MAHDJOUB (2020). Mysterious beetle and butterfly aggregation. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, Volume: 18, Numéro: 6, Pages: 353-353. E-ISSN: 1540-9309.

Articles 2019:

1. CHOUBAILA Leksir, Sofiane BOUDALIA, Nizar MOUJAHED and Mabrouk CHEMMAM (2019). Traditional dairy products in Algeria: Case of Klila cheese. Journal of Ethnic Foods, Volume: 6, issue: 7, pages: 1-14. ISSN : 2352-6181.
2. TADJINE Dahmane, BOUDALIA Sofiane, BOUSBIA Aissa, KHELIFA Rassim, MEBIROUK BOUDECHICHE Lamia, TADJINE Aicha et CHEMMAM Mabrouk (2019). Pasteurization effects on yield and physicochemical parameters of cheese in cow and goat milk. Food science and technology, Pages: 1-8. ISSN: 0101-2061/ E-ISSN: 1678-457X. 

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Articles 2017:

1. Nora CHAHAT, Imane BOUGUENOUN, Widad BOUGUENOUN et Moussa HOUHAMDI (2017). Contribution to the quantitative and qualitative study of atmospheric pollens (Guelma, Northeast of Algeria). World Journal of Environmental Biosciences Volume 6, Issue 3: 8-16. ISSN: 2277- 8047.
2. SMAALI Saoussene et CHEMMAM Mabrouk (2017). Potentiel de production laitière de brebis primipares Ouled Djellal en système extensif amélioré (reproduction, suralimentation). Livestock Research for Rural Development. Volume: 29, Issue: 9, pages: 8-16. ISSN: 0121-3784.


Articles 2016:

1. Hanane BOUKEMARA, Margarita HURTADO-NEDELEC, Viviana MARZAIOLI, Dalila BENDJEDDOU, Jamel EL BENNA and Jean-Claude Marie (2016). Anvillea garcinii extract inhibits the oxidative burst of primary human neutrophils. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, volume: 16, Numéro: 433, pages: 1-10.


2. S. BOUKERIA, K. KADI, R. KALLEB, A. BENBOTT, D. BENDJEDOU, A. Yahia (2016). Phytochemical and physicochemical characterization of Allium sativum L. and Allium cepa L. Essential oils. Journal of Materials and Environmental Science. Volume: 7, Numéro: 7, pages: 2362-2368. ISSN : 2028-2508.

3. I.BOUGUENOUN, M.-C. D PAUW-GILLET, Z. BENSAKHRI, D. BAIWIR, G. MAZZUCCHELLI, E. De PAUW, D. BENDJEDDOU (2016). Effet inflammatoire des extraits de Cupressus sempervirens planté dans l’Est de l’Algérie: du modèle murin à la stimulation des cellules BEAS-2B par l’allergène majeur Cup s 1. Revue Française d'Allergologie, Volume 56, Issue 1, Pages 10-19.


Articles 2015:

1. MAIRIF Samah and BENDJEDDOU Dalila (2015). Contribution to the Study of the Effect of One Household Pesticide Used in Algeria, On The Murine Immune System. Advances in Environmental Biology, volume: 9, issue: 8, Pages: 192-198. ISSN: 1995-0756.
2. BOUGUENOUN Imane, BENSAKHRI Zinette, BENDJEDDOU Dalila and HOUHAMDI Moussa (2015). The Nasal Instillation Effect of the Pollinic Crud Extract of Common Cypresson Murine Model. Advances in Environmental Biology, Volume : 9, Issue : 23, Pages : 345-351. ISSN: 1995-0756.


Articles 2014: 

1. BENSAKHRI. Z, ZERGUINE. K, BOUGUENOUN. I et BENDJEDDOU. D. (2014). L’effet inflammatoire de l’extrait brut de Phaenopsectra flavipes (Diptera : Chironomidae) du Nord-Est algérien, chez un modèle murin (Mus musculus). Revue Française d'Allergologie, Volume: 54, Issue: 7, Pages: 485–493. ISSN: 1877-0320.
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