Team 01: Applied Hydroecology

Team Leader: Pr. HOUHAMDI Moussa (Specialty: Ecology, University 8 Mai 1945 Guelma).

Description of the thematic team's research:

  • The realization of inventories and the ecological study of the key species (fauna and flora) of the different aquatic ecosystems of Algeria (chotts, sebkhas, dhayas, lakes, ponds, swamps and rivers). Consider also the dynamics, the phenology, the structure, the monitoring as well as the different strategies of adaptation of animal species during their life cycles (wintering and reproduction) in the majorhydro systems (wetlands of international standards) of our country.

  • Mapping the vegetation (helophyte and vegetation belts) of these aquatic ecosystems.

  • Establish checklists of endangered species and characterize habitats while identifying the main causes affecting these populations.

  • Study and modeling of the reproductive ecology of breeding animals in these aquatic ecosystems and the influence of abiotic parameters (physical chemistry).Extend these studies and models of animals (vertebrates and invertebrates) live in forests and urban and suburban areas.

  • Determine and monitor the spatio-temporal evolution of biotic (insects and microorganisms) and abiotic (physico-chemical) indicators in direct relation with the determination and assessment of the quality of the running and stagnant waters of these ecosystems in order to determine their functioning and their typology.

  • Study the accumulation and fate of heavy metals in the various components of aquatic ecosystems and report the state of health of these environments despite and in relation to surrounding industrial facilities.


Key words: Aquatic ecosystem, ecology, ornithology, entomology, flora, dynamics, conservation, restoration, eco-ethology.